Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pho Kim (1511 Centre Street N)

Hey all so its been awhile since I've blooged, and now I'm back

So I went down to Calgary alot over the summer whether it be for Stampede or just a weekend getaway. And I ate around, luckily since I have a job again, I can get back to telling you about my food adventures.

A must-have staple while I'm in Calgary is some good pho. Sometimes in Edmonton, its hard to come back delicious broth with the right amount of noodle to meat ratio. Anyways, I recommend Pho Kim. My father, when he went to University of Calgary, use to frequent this visit a lot - mainly to the due the price-food ratio factor. I would say that it use to be quite generous and since economic times are rough, the portions kind of shrunk. Its unfortunate but hey, pho-makers need to make a living too!

Keith got the satay beef! Its pretty good I would have to say, very strongly of the satay/ curry.

I got my standard bun bo hue. Nothing really special but I do enjoy the meat to noodle ratio!

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