Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sloppy Hogs Roed Hus (10406 118 Ave)

BBQ BBQ BBQ is what men always crave. So when I give the chance for my partner in crime to choose the restaurant, it was going to be BBQ or steak. I visited this place once before bringing along my male BFF.

This place is packed. By packed I mean, this place is super small and they take reservations and is quite busy. I went on both a Friday and again on a Tuesday and there wasn't any smaller of a crowd.

This place features a pig riding a motorcycle and purposedly misspelled name as its sign.

The first thing you see when you walk in (besides the amazing amount of people with large amounts of food in front of them) is a quaint little house on the prairie stove selling their marinates/ dipping sauces. In my opinion, I liked the honey mustard the best - its tangy with the right amount of thickness. The other two flavours are worthy mentions. You can try all three dipping sauces with any order of beef brisket.

Anyways, I'll cut to the point. Its a lot of food and no vegetables. The servers all have anti-vegetarian sentiments. Besides the offensive tshirts, the restaurant is very smoky inside (like I'm pretty the BBQ fumes fans out into the seating area). Also it is very dimlight

The menu features a few items served different ways. The appetizers are all standard BBQ - so sliders, poutine, fries, coleslaw. BBQ chicken, BBQ pulled pork, BBQ ribs, BBQ beef brisket are arranged in different manners but in the end you're getting the same thing. All meals come with cornbread and a side of beans. All items on the menu are priced decently for the amount you get. There are family sized packages for the brave.The alcohol list is well packed with your standard domestic beers, a few imports, and of course the "girly drinks"

1/2 ribs, 1/2 chicken with fries

Beef Brisket Burger w/ Mustard

You come out of this place smelling like BBQ. Its so good, you're so full and all the boys are happy. Just be prepared to feel really really greasy when you're done. But the satisfaction from food while showering is the best feeling. :D I give this 9/10.

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